Chefchaouen, Morocco | 11 Top Things to See and Do in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen Morocco archway

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Discover the Must See Sights of Chefchaouen

Morocco’s “sapphire”, the striking town of Chefchaouen’s main sight is undoubtedly its distinctive blue walls and stairways. Unlike Marrakesh and Fez the blue pearl does not have any other well-known sights but nevertheless there are plenty of things to see and do that should not be missed on a visit to Chefchaouen. Here’s our list of the top 11 things to see and do:

1.Get Lost in the Medina!

There is no better way to explore Chefchaouen, than to loose yourself in the maze-like alleyways of the Medina. Discover the azure and powder blue walls and be sure to stumble onto Instagram worthy photo opportunities at every corner. It is highly recommended to head away from Plaza Outa El Hammam, the main square, and to the higher parts of the old town to avoid the crowds.

2.Stay Overnight

Experience the true essence of Chefchaouen once the day trippers have disappeared and stay the night. Mornings and evenings are reserved for visitors who take the time to explore the town and get close to the locals.

3. Savour the Sunset from Mosque Bouzafar مسجد بوزعافار

A short hike from the east gate of the medina, the Mosque Bouzafar offers not only the prime panoramic views of the blue city, it has also become a popular spot to savour the magical sunset behind the Rif Mountains.

4. The Ras El Ma – Local Wash Station

Watch the local women wash their clothes and carpets at the local wash station near the Bab Onsar gate. Even during wintertime, women and girls scrub their garments in the freezing waters of the Ras El Ma mountain stream.

5. Enjoy a Mint Tea on One of the Rooftops

Chefchaouen’s hilly location will not only provide you with enough exercise for days, it also offers exceptional views from the many rooftops. Best enjoyed with a cup of Moroccan mint tea from one of the many cafes, restaurants or riads, Dar Zambra offers some of the best views in town. Do not forget, it pays to climb to the higher parts of the Medina for an even better panorama of the town and the mountains.

6. Go Hiking in the Rif Mountains

Put on your hiking boots and take a wander along one of the hiking trails in the nearby Rif Mountains. Eager hikers should embark on the 30km long Tissouka circuit with overnight stays in mountain huts!

7. Hammam          

Soak your aching bones and muscles in one of the many hammams in Chefchaouen, a true and unique adventure for any traveller to Morocco. Some larger hotels have their own hammam, for an authentic experience try one of the many hammams at Plaza Outa El Hammam, most are regularly frequented by tourists.

8. Visit the Ancient Kasbah

Possibly the closest building to a sight in Chefchaouen is the ancient Kasbah, dating back to 1417. Surrounded by crumbling, crenellated walls, the shady gardens offers a calm respite from the busy streets and squares outside. Climb the tower for the views and do not miss the dark and eerie prison cells below.

9. The Colourful Public Fountains

Discover the many, colourful public fountains on a stroll through the Medina. Compared to the trellis tiled fountains found in other Moroccan towns, Chefchaouen’s are intricately plastered and adorned with beautiful ornaments.

10. Shop til’ you drop!

The many stalls in Chefchaouen’s souk offer a variety of handmade souvenirs. Everything from teapots to lanterns, woven baskets to carpets can be bought, ideally bring an extra suitcase to fit all your purchases. Haggling is customary, try to get the price down to half, if not even a third of the asking price. Generally the shop owners in Chefchaouen are less pushy and annoying then the ones we have encountered in Marrakesh!

11. Monday Market

Take in the sight, sound and smells of the Monday Market. This local farmer’s market is held every Monday at the top of Av Sidi Abdelhamid and the gate to the Medina and offers a great insight Moroccan custom and traditions.

Enjoy Chefchaouen!

We hope our top 11 things to see and do in Chefchaouen will help you plan your visit to Morocco’s blue pearl. Enjoy!

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