Morocco, Fes | Discover Fes’ Unmissable Sights

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Fes brims with culture, traditions, local colour and a lot more. There is an abundance of sights to be discovered in one of the oldest Medina’s in the world. We have wandered and explored the bustling alleyways and selected Fes unmissable sights, including some lesser-visited and less-known places. Hopefully you will enjoy a tour through one of Morocco’s most fascinating towns as much as we did!

Ain Azliten Tannery

The leather tanneries of Fes are among the most unique places in Fes. Want to get a close up view of the century old tradition of dyeing animal skins? Then you should head for the smaller, Ain Azliten Tannery rather than its massive, famous rival site, the Chouawara tannery. Watching the spectacle, the coloured basins and the intense smell (take some fresh mint leaves if you have a sensitive nose) is the absolute unmissable sight in Fes.

Batha Museum Fez courtyard

Batha Museum

Once a former palace, the stunning buildings have been converted into a museum, showcasing Moroccan artefacts, including some impressive, embroidered garments, precious jewellery and pottery. Its main attraction however is the lush and serene garden with a variety of plants and shaded spots, perfect for a relaxing break, away from the crowded Medina.

Fez Medresa wooden carving

Bou Innia Medrasa

Take a peek into one of the oldest Quran school in Morocco. The peaceful courtyard features beautiful mosaics, intricately carved plaster and wooden doors. During prayer times you may also get a glance at locals heading for the adjacent mosque and their ritual of cleaning their hands in the courtyard central fountain.


The many bazaars in Fes’ ancient Medina offer an endless treasure chest of handicrafts, including leather goods, Moroccan lamps, carpets and much more. Fill your suitcase with gifts and souvenirs but be prepared to barter!

Jnan Sbil garden fountain

Jnan Sbil Gardens

This verdant park provides locals and tourists with a calm and cool space during the heat in the hotter times of the year. Take a stroll through the cacti patches, along the shores of the lake and past the delightful water features. Afterwards you will be ready to re-join the throng of people in the Jewish Quarter and Medina.

The Mellah

The Jewish Quarter provided religious migrants from Europe a safe home, albeit they were never fully accepted. This part of Fes has visibly been influenced by European architecture and the alleys have been painted in pastel colours and feature some amusing artworks and vibrant graffiti.

Fes second hand market

Second Hand Market

We stumbled onto this hidden gem by accident after our tour of the Ain Azliten Tannery. A few small make shift shops restore old Moroccan furniture, windows and doors. If you have been looking for that extra special piece for give your apartment or house this is where you might find it! It is just located behind the tannery.

Lunch at Made in M

Stop for lunch at this tiny eatery for the best tajine in Fes, if not even in the whole of Morocco. We still dream about the lamb with dried fruits and chicken with lemon dishes. Leave some space for dessert to savour the sweet treats.

Take a Day Trip to Volubilis, The Ancient Roman Ruins

Had enough of the claustrophobic lanes of the Medina? Then you should take a day trip to Volubilis for some Roman Empire history lessons and be amazed by the incredible mosaics that have survived centuries. Plan in a small detour to explore the scenic, nearby hillside town of Moulay Idriss.

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  1. Fantastic recommendations. I’ve yet to visit Morocco but it’s a place that is quickly rising up my list, I’ll make sure to make some time to visit Fes too so I’ll keep these recommendations in mind 🙂

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