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Travel tips for other mums and dads from real life experiences.

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I am a Anglo Dane who after almost 40 years of living and working in England, have returned to Denmark to live out my retirement on my farm which I share with my son. My daughter and grandchildren live not too far away.

I have always loved travelling but in my younger years that was manily in UK and Denmark for family reasons. For years I did long distance walking in England and Scotland followed by a lazy beach break.

Children:   Mai 49, David 44

Grandchildren: Jasmin 19, Rikke 18, Hannah 10, Carl 8.

travel with kids children experiences travel tips leni scotland

In which country, region or city do you live:

Denmark on Zealand near Roskilde.

How old were your children the first time you flew/went on holiday with them and where did you go?

My first holiday with my daughter was in a summer house on Zealand when she was 6 months old. We alway had one to three holidays per year when the children were young, mostly in the UK. I now travel with my two older granddaughters.

travel with kids children tips experiences leni hiking england

What important items do you always take with you on your travels?

Blister plasters, lavender oil and my perfume.

Have you ever forgotten something important at home?

I have not forgotten anything important at home but I have gone to the wrong airport at the right time, so missed a flight!

What was your favourite destination and why?

My favourite will always be UK but I also love Egypt and New York.

Where would your children love to travel to if they could choose?

Anywhere warm, where they also can satisfy their need for shopping.

Do you usually travel on your own, with other family members (e.g. grandparents), friends or nanny?

I have and still do travel alone though I now like to share my experiences with my grandchildren. I have walked alone in Scotland and slept on the beach in Menorca too.

travel with kids children experiences travel tips leni egypt nile cruise

What do you think travelling abroad teaches your children?

It gives them insight into other people, their lives, food and culture.

Do you have any tips or hints for other parents that make your travelling easier and more relaxed?

My granddaughters are young ladies now but I do help with a packing list, so they do not pack more then they need. Remembering that they always shop, there needs to be space for that in the suitcase.

How long in advance do you book a holiday?

I sometimes plan months in advance but also take impromptu breaks.

What makes your holiday perfect?

Being in different places. Nature, people and experiences.

travel with kids children experiences travel tips leni mallorca

Do you plan all the activities and sight seeing in advance?

I have some idea but I only book events if I go for that specifically. I usually have some places, museeums, plays or concerts I want to make sure I get into but have also found that too much planning can spoil the chance of being spontanious.

Are you still one of those people that uses a travel agencies for all your holiday bookings or do you plan everything on your own?

I have only booked a few times through a travel agent. I usually book flights, car, hotel and B&B myself. Accomodation often whilst on the road.

What is your favourite activity as a family when you are away?

It gives a different dimention to ones relationship when you share experiences together. I like walking, sailing, picnics, sightseeing and dining out.

travel with kids children experiences travel tips leni iceland

Thank you Leni for sharing your experiences with us! It was great to get a grandparent insight into travelling with children.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences about your travels with children, please feel free to email me at wanderlustplusone@gmail.com. I will then email you the questionnaire template and some other requirements for the post. I am looking forward to hearing from you…

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I am Vanessa, a Frankfurter living in London with my husband Chris and our son Jerome. We love exploring all the weird and wonderful places the world has on offer. Travelling with children is exciting, sometimes stressful but always worth it. I want to show that weekends away and longer holidays don't have to be boring but a lot of fun. If you are looking for getaways with kids clubs then you are unfortunately looking at the wrong blog but if you are up for adventures I would love to give you ideas. I hope you will enjoy and never stop going away to unknown places...

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