Merida, Mexico | Discover Merida’s Old Railroad Museum, a Train Lover’s Paradise

Visiting the Old Railway Museum

Since Jerome was little he has been obsessed with trains and when I did my research for this trip to Merida, I had discovered that there is a train museum near the old train station. Originally, we had wanted to visit the museum the previous day but sadly it is closed on Sundays, on every other day the opening times are from 10:00-14:00.

A Graveyard for Trains and Carriages

Our plan for the day ahead was to visit the yellow town of Izamal but before we drove that way we visited the train museum. We were there for 10:00, just at opening time and therefore we were the first visitors that day. To call this train museum, a museum in our opinion is a bit of an exaggeration, as it looked more like a train graveyard! The closer we got to the trains the more you could see how old and decaying they were. There were plenty of them, mostly diesel engines but also a few old-fashioned steam trains. Some had their history inside on a plaque but most sat rusting on the sidings in the long grass.

Climbing Aboard the Trains

Jerome liked to climb up the sides of the trains to have a look into the driver’s cabin. We walked through, what once must have been a luxury passenger trailer, the leather seats in bad condition and too dirty, to even consider sitting down. The air in the trailer was hot and sticky, we were barely able to breath and therefore did not linger much longer. Back outside we walked between other trains engines, some so rusty that we thought they would most likely collapse in the near future. It was such a shame to see the trains in such bad condition, but Jerome enjoyed seeing them anyway, as they were very different to the trains he had seen before in Europe and Japan, plus the chance to climb over them at will undisturbed is unusual in a museum. We do hope that a train lover with a lot of money might turn up and pour some funds into the upkeep of the museum one day before the rust gets much worse.

Worth a Visit

Merida’s Railroad Museum is definitely a must see for train aficionados and lovers, it also offers a break for families from the Mayan artefacts and local sights for anyone travelling through town and the Yucatan peninsular.

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